At Rotajet we don’t just build machines, we also provide efficient and specialist solutions. We are experts in degreasing, chemical cleaning and plastic recycling and as a result we understand the difficulties you face when updating your facility. We welcome complex problems and from that provide a simple, streamlined service.

The Rotajet Systems Group consists of five brands, each covering a specific selection of machinery and services, a breakdown can be found below:

What we do and how we do it

To add value to your business we create solutions that increase your production, protect your workers, and reduce your impact on the environment. We do this by engineering solutions and building a range of standard and custom machinery.

Business faces an era of unprecedented struggle and opportunity. We believe that engineered solutions can help business gain a competitive advantage while keeping their team and the world safe.

Powerful Size reduction machinery
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Rotajet Recycling Machinery

The plastic recycling industry is full of complexity, but with the right experience, it does not have to be. Rotajet is more than a machine manufacturer, we are also  value-adding partner throughout the lifetime of your operation.

We live and breathe plastic recycling. With plastic pollution a rising and pressing worldwide issue recycling is not just a cornerstone of the circular economy but can also an extremely lucrative industry if managed correctly.

Whether planning a new facility, looking to refurbish or replace machinery, or optimize your existing systems, Rotajet offers a full range of services, systems, and consumables to keep you fully operational.



Rotajet Recycling Systems

Rotajet can offer solutions to businesses across the industry, managing a wide range of plastic polymers, including; PE, PP, PET, Mixed Rigids, Films, Containers, Lead-Acid Batteries, and WEEE items.

To account for the varying separation needs and levels of contamination across the industry, Rotajet manufactures three distinct separatory machines, including; sink float tanks, vibrating sieves, and zigzag separators. When integrated into a full plastic recycling system, these machines can remove even the finest contaminant particles, thereby producing the highest quality of outfeed material for resale and increasing the profit margins of the operation exponentially.

Once the design of the machinery has been signed off by the customer, Rotajet will take care of the manufacturing, integration, commissioning, and even operator training for the machinery if required.

At Rotajet, we long-term solutions that will keep your operation optimised well into the future. That’s why, as well as manufacturing recycling machinery, Rotajet can also help with the refurbishment, process optimisation, and relocation of recycling facilities.

With these services customer aftercare offers available, you can be sure that your recycling machinery will be in commission for the long-run, making your recycling operation the most efficient as it can be.

Rotajet Degreasing

Degreasing machinery was the birthplace of Rotajet Systems Ltd and the first of all solutions to be developed by our company. And after 30 years of advancing our range of degreasing machines, at Rotajet we design and manufacture solutions that are fit for the broadest range of purposes and industrial applications around the world.


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Particularly for the automotive and aerospace, stripping parts and components of contaminants can be a necessary stage to ensuring their optimum efficiency and safety for further use within the industry. Designed with this in mind, Rotajet’s range of spray washers are ideal for removing surface contaminants such as greases, oils, carbon deposits, paints, dirt, and inks, among others from parts and components of various sizes.

Using either aqueous detergents or ATEX-certified wash solutions, these machines can be suited to a wide variety of industry applications: and with multiple machine sizes available, can offer the ideal throughput rate for your specific operation.

We understand that cleaning solutions are required for use by industries across the board and that sometimes cleaning requirements may be more complex than others. With Rotajet’s knowledge and experience, we have built solutions that can be used for even the most specific applications, from food-grade cleaning to ATEX-certified solutions, and even parts washing for the aviation industry.

For even the most specialty applications, Rotajet’s Ultrasonic Cleaners offer the ideal solution to removing various surface contaminants from parts and components, including; oil, chip, polishing residue, limescale, rubber remains, and other general impurities, leaving a corrosion-free product surface.

For larger operations, these machines can be made as turnkey Ultrasonic Multistage Systems that can maximise the efficiency of the operation whilst requiring very little operator input. So no matter your cleaning application and throughput requirements, we’re sure that we have the right solution that is fit for your purpose.

At Rotajet, we understand that parts and components need to be cleaned to exacting standards, especially when it comes to the aerospace industry. With health and safety being a major factor, we have taken every precaution throughout our manufacturing process, from the design stages right through to installation and commissioning.

To ensure that our cleaning solutions are attuned to the specific contamination and composition of the product being cleaned, Rotajet employs the use of Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) systems prior to manufacturing washing solutions, in order to alert of any defects in materials that could potentially lead to health and safety risks if not managed appropriately during cleaning.

Swarf recycling represents a fraction of the manufacturing industry that is often not the main focus of the business and is therefore overlooked as being a profitable resource. At Rotajet, we specialise in building simple solutions to swarf recycling, so that you can turn your metal turnings into a valuable commodity, without having to lift a finger. That way, your operators can continue to focus on what’s important to your business, whilst your Rotajet machine turns your swarf into profit!

When it comes to swarf recycling, we understand that a high standard of cleaning and separation is critical to achieving the best quality of product. 

Rotajet Container + Drum Washing

Rotajet’s Drum, IBC, and Container Washing equipment has been designed to suit a range of industry applications across the world. Manufacturing both standalone machines and full automatic reconditioning systems, Rotajet offers solutions that can recondition anywhere from one, up to hundreds of Drums and IBCs per day.

As well as manufacturing container washing machinery, Rotajet also offers a full range of critical spares, washing chemicals, and servicing plans to give our customers the confidence that their machines will be in service for as long as possible. For our lager plants, Rotajet can even offer solutions for the refurbishing, relocation, and commissioning of machines, as well as the training of machine operators.

Due to the broad range of standard Container Reconditioning machinery offered by Rotajet, partnered with our knowledge and flexibility, we are sure that we can manufacture the right solution for almost every industry need.

Rotajet’s range of container washing equipment and surface coating cleaning has been specifically designed to clean containers in accordance with ATEX regulations.

Dealing with ATEX environments can be complex at the best of times, but with Rotajet’s ATEX-certified container washing solutions, there can be one less thing to worry about.

We have accounted for every unique need of the industry in order to develop our standard range of specialised single and continuous washing machinery for cleaning drums, IBCs, pans, pails, and parts to ATEX standards. Taking care of everything from cleaning and decontamination to drying, you can leave the full cleaning process to your Rotajet equipment.

Specially designed to remove both aqueous and solvent-based contaminants, our range of machinery has been used by a wide range of industries across the world, including manufacturers of; paints, inks, adhesives & resin, as well as oil, gas, and printing companies.

ATEX machinery

With a range of standard machine types and sizes available, we’re sure that we can cater to your container washing needs, no matter what they might be. And with the configuration of the right wash chemicals, heating, spray nozzle pressure, and the number of wash stages, each machine can be composed to suit the specific requirements of the operation.

This level of flexibility in our manufacturing process has allowed us to build optimal solutions to remove a wide range of various contaminants and hazardous chemicals from containers and parts

Health and Safety

Health and safety is a major consideration when it comes to manufacturing ATEX equipment and, at Rotajet, is at the heart of everything we do. That’s why all of our machines have been built with your operators in vmind: from safety interlocks to the safe removal of chemicals, we have thought of everything so that you can use your Rotajet machinery with confidence.

On top of this, for each of our ATEX machines, Rotajet undertakes full ATEX design studies to ensure that your machine will be ideal for your specific application. This way, we can gain a full understanding of your operation and contaminations, as well as your cleaning and throughput requirements.

Separation is a key stage in many operations for removing unwanted materials and contaminants from products. If separation is performed to a high standard, you can be left with a valuable, profitable material for reuse or resale into the market, depending on your specific operation.

Whether your specific application requirements are to treat effluent, grade materials, or remove fine contaminant particles from your product, Rotajet has a range of machines that can cater to your needs, whatever they may be.

Offering even the most acute level of separation, Rotajet’s separation solutions have been used to separate and remove contaminants from material by industries across the board, including; food & beverage, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, metal powder, ceramics, coatings, water processing, and recycling.

Separation Equipment

We understand the need for accurate separation and acute grading of materials when it comes to producing a high-quality end product, particularly for the pharmaceuticals and food & beverage industries: and with three types of separation machinery available, we have covered every base. With machines like our rotary separators allowing the operators precise control of the refinement process, you can utilise your machine in the separation of a wide range of foodstuffs, including; flour, coffee granules, corn starch, and milk powders, as well as various other materials including; powder paints, abrasives, and thermoplastic materials. 

Whilst our machinery aims to take your operation to new levels, we also want you to have full control when it comes to producing the optimum results for your needs. That’s why, on top of our wide range of machine sizes, we also offer full flexibility with the viscosity, temperature, and mesh screen sizes so that your machine is perfectly tuned to achieve your specific separation requirements from the second it is installed at your facility.

Machine Servicing

We want our machines to be a game-changer in your operation. And while this means providing efficient machinery that can reduce labour costs and improve product quality; it also means ensuring their longevity in your operation so that you can gain the optimum value out of your equipment.

With a full range of critical spare parts and machine maintenance plans, Rotajet has developed a customer aftercare initiative that will give you peace of mind that your machine will be in commission for the long-haul.

From speedy installation to sieve remeshing and replacement options, Rotajet are there at every step of the way to ensure that you are getting the most out of your machinery.

Our Services

Every customer is different, and every project is different. We take a tailored approach to each job, providing the service you need whilst keeping it as lightweight as possible. 

From design and life cycle studies through to refurbishments and factory relocations we remove the need for in-house engineering resources, allowing you to focus on what you do best. 







Rotajet Systems

Rotajet produces a full range of machines for container washing, recycling, separation, and degreasing. The video below shows machinery in the drum washing range. 

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