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Rotajet have partnered up with Gemini Techniek to provide a range of filling, dispensing and cleaning systems for containers, pails and IBC’s. This unique partnership allows the two parties to produce machinery in line with their core manufacturing strengths, producing reliable and effective circular solutions.

Who are Gemini?

Gemini Techniek are a process engineering company and machine manufacturer located in Haaksbergen, the Netherlands, providing a full range of automatic and semi-automatic systems for filling, dispensing and cleaning for a full range of substances.

Throughout the years Gemini have successfully developed stand-alone filling machines and filling machines integrated in an automatic process that can combine conveying systems with automatic lid placing and closing. The stand-alone element allows these machines to be placed easily at the beginning, end or within an existing system.

Suitable for ATEX and non-ATEX filling, Gemini have a range of machinery to suit a variety of applications. Capable of handling high viscosity products with and without the addition of granulates like putty, wall plasters, etc. With the ability to fill the drum with a prescribed dose of multiple chemicals, the user is always completely in charge of the operation.

Gemini also provide technology to dispense chemical fluids such as paints and coating, chemicals and inks according to programmed formulation. This machinery can be divided into two methods: “in-can” tinting and batch dispensing. GEMINI’s installations are able to dispense large batches up to 6.000 kg. as well as small volumes such as 1 litre containers. Because of the wide range of applications, unique dispensing heads have been developed to suit each use.

Gemini have a range of specialist pan washing machinery which combines mechanical brushing with liquid cleaning additives for a efficient and low energy result. Together with the Rotajet range, we can perform for any washing/cleaning demand.

Each product in the Rotajet washer series is fitted with high-pressure nozzles that give complete powerful cleaning coverage, ensuring a consistent, complete and high-standard clean. Rotajet’s washing machinery is used for a range of applications such as food waste, paints and surface coatings, chemicals and pharmaceuticals and will continually deliver a high-standard clean.

Application and uses:

Gemini’s machinery is compatible with large and small containers, pails, drums, and IBC’s. The product range comprises of dispensing systems and filling equipment for all kind of liquids such as:

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