Our Services

Servicing machinery is vital to the smooth operation to any business. We are here to offer a full and comprehensive assistance to keep your machinery in good working order.

Every customer is unique, and every project has its individual challenges. Because of this we take a tailored approach to each job. By providing the service you need, we keep the maintenance process as lightweight as possible. 

We remove the need for in-house engineering resources. From design and life cycle studies through to refurbishments and factory relocations, we take care to allow you to focus on what you do best. 








Wanting to put value back into an end-of- life existing machine? We are here to support that.

If you are looking at replacing an existing machine it may be advantageous to simply refurbish your existing one.

At Rotajet we have the experience and knowledge to refurbish plastic recycling equipment, chemical washing solutions as well as conveyors, vibratory equipment, and cyclone systems. Each refurbishment project is unique. Reach out to find out how we can help you

Servicing Contracts

Moving to a circular economy can increase turnover for a full spectrum of organisation sizes. This means we need to flex according to our customers business goals. We offer a full range of service contracts to put you in control by only offering the help you need.

Speak to one of our technical team to see if your system or machine would benefit for a 3, 6 or annual service contract. You can also opt to simply call an engineer out for a service at your choosing.

We understand that any downtime represents a reduction in productivity and production is what drives your revenue. Therefore, each of our machines is designed to be maintained in as simple a way as possible, keeping your plant running and reducing downtime.

We place aftercare and support at the heart of our business to help you if ever you should need us. Our technical team is always on hand and our full servicing team there to give hands on help on the ground.

We keep you running so you can keep producing.