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Lush closed-loop container recycling

As part of the Lush’s Green Hub, our Rotajet machinery is dedicated to creating a closed-loop recycling system for their infamous black pots and product moulds.

Swansea-based Fiberight Ltd, a manufacturing company focused on converting waste into sustainable resources, announces the successful completion of a bespoke plastic cleaning line designed and manufactured by Rotajet Systems, a UK-based leader in recycling equipment.

Waste management company BKP specialise in hazardous waste and waste recycling solutions. Our IBC wash line will wash, remove liquids and pressure test IBC’s saving manpower and operation costs, as well as aiding a sustainable closed loop system.

A fantastic project to work on for a sustainable waste management solution.

Our team worked seamlessly alongside Pasha’s technicians to install and integrate two high-performance AMIS/ Zerma ZHS shredders.

These robust machines will effectively reduce the size of bulk materials, enabling efficient handling and minimising storage space requirements. This sustainable approach ensures that waste is managed responsibly while maximising resource utilisation.

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Streamlined Recycling Plant

A brilliant project to work on for Parry & Evans.
This line is a great example of our plastic recycling process.

Featuring Amis size reduction machinery and our bespoke sink-float tank for material washing and separation. This line will size reduce, wash, dry and bag plastics in a streamlined setup.

Rotajet's Swarf Washing Plant Embarks on Epic 6000-Mile Voyage

Rotajet manufactured a complete swarf washing line for DMT to degrease, wash, and dry superalloy metal to a vacuum-grade standard.

The plant was manufactured and fully tested in the UK prior to being disassembled and shipped to Singapore.

The installation was a smooth and successful process, allowing DMT to quickly maximise the plant’s potential.

Degreasing Gearboxes

With the RJ-FL 1500, Northern trucks successfully degrease engine parts and gear boxes on a day-to-day basis. The easy-to-use roller track design make this machine efficient to operate, saving time and manpower

Recycling Windowframes

A cost effective solution to reduce landfill waste create a sustainable manufacturing process.

This plant at PVCR, size reduces, washes, and dries PVC window frames into a manageable and workable material to put back into the manufacturing process.

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