Our Mission

Our mission is to revolutionise industry procedures. We do this through the design and manufacture of innovative machinery to automate, streamline or supplant our customers’ production process. Over the years we have helped businesses to optimise their operation, allowing them to radically increase both their products’ quality as well as their profit margins.

Rotajet was started back in 2007 as a chemical degreasing company and throughout the years we have taken on larger and larger challenges. These years of growth have created a strong, multi-skilled team allowing us to diversify and tackle some of the largest problems the industry faces across the globe.

From designing automated decontamination machinery; making it financially viable to reuse storage vessels, to creating integrated systems for recycling plastics economically. Rotajet has grown to become a powerhouse of manufacturing right here in Wakefield.

Partnering with private businesses and academic institutions, Rotajet is leading the way in designing new manufacturing processes to combat the growing international epidemic of plastic pollution. Since 2019 we have been apart of the ISOPREP project which aims to combine mechanical and chemical recycling techniques in order to fundamentally change how we dispose of polypropylene carpet.

We pride ourselves on creating intuitive solutions to your problems; no matter how complex they might be. If you have any operational difficulties not covered by our range of standardised machines, please get in contact with our technical team and we can discuss a bespoke system that is perfect for your individual situation.

14 Flanshaw Way, Wakefield,
01924 271 446