UK design meets US manufacturing. How Rotajet’s and PRI’s new arrangement will fulfil rising demands in the US market.

The RJ-IW tote washing system has been in service for decades in Europe. Through rising demand in the States, Rotajet’s US partners PRI Systems, have begun production of the IBC wash lines in their Dupo, Illinois’ at their manufacturing facility.

What is the RJ-IW?

The RJ-IW range is Rotajet’s IBC reconditioning machinery is fully customizable thanks to its modular design. Through ergonomic designs, such as the integrated roller tracks and the effortlessly tilting vacuum station, this system is labour saving and ensures safety of the operator.  This system comprises of a wash station, drying station, tipping back vac station and pressure tester. Changeable and adaptable, these components build the RJ-IW wash line.

The growing demand for IBC washing

A rising demand for RJ-IW wash systems in North America began to grow as the pandemic led to a scarcity of new and reconditioned totes.  To meet demands and eliminate transatlantic shipping times PRI and Rotajet collaborated to manufacture the RJ-IW tote cleaning system in North America. 

While tote supply is now stabilizing, demand continues to grow from corporations who see value in taking control of their container supply chain.  Many are chemical manufactures who have never washed totes before and are building the RJ-IW into capital improvement projects.

With manufacturing now in the States, PRI supports the North American market with qualified field service technicians who start up and train operators at the customer’s site. Spares and product support is offered locally by PRI.

Designed for safety

The pressure test station automatically tests for leaks and stores the same information on a USB drive for auditing purposes.  Drying is achieved by blowing a large volume of heated air into the tote causing the water to evaporate.  Risks to operators have been minimized with safety interlocks and password protected set points in the Allen Bradley PLC.  Heavy duty Plexiglas panels allow the operator to position the totes from behind a protective barrier.

Water saving systems

The system has been designed to minimize water usage by the low flow / high pressure cleaning action of the Rotajet E200 wash head.  The optional heated, chemically treated, recirculating internal wash system quickly removes stubborn residues and automatically rinses the tote with fresh water.  Recirculating hot wash solution also saves energy and water compared to single pass systems. 

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About Rotajet Systems

Rotajet Systems are innovators in the design and manufacture of container washing equipment. Based in Wakefield, West Yorkshire, Rotajet manufacture entire IBC wash systems in-house at their dedicated fabrication facility, to ensure consistence and quality.

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About PRI Systems:

Founded in 1983, Progressive Recovery (PRI) specializes in four core areas of expertise, including Process Management Systems; Bio-waste treatment Systems; Contract Manufacturing; and Service. With a reputation for quality and reliability, PRI is an ISO 9001:2015 certified manufacturer, with over 3,000 systems in 35 countries worldwide, and a dedicated Service Solutions team who provide customer support.

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