From Waste to Pellet: Rotajet and Altero join forces to process your plastic waste

Rotajet thrilled to announce an exciting new partnership with Altero. The Barcelona-based company specialises in industrial pelletising lines for post-waste plastics. This collaboration marks a significant step in the mission to maximise profitability for businesses while addressing the global plastic waste challenge.

Introducing Altero:

Altero is a dynamic company specialising in pelletising lines for waste plastics. Their flexible approach and customer-centric solutions have earned them a reputation for adaptability and innovation in the recycling industry. Altero’s mission is to help businesses maximise profitability while minimising their environmental footprint.

A Shared Commitment to Sustainability:

The partnership between Rotajet and Altero will have a focus on post-consumer plastic waste, aligning perfectly with the shared commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility.

From Waste to Pellets

With the integration of Altero’s machinery into Rotajet’s recycling process, the alliance will streamline the recycling process and provide customers with a complete recycling package with a pelletising solution. 

This end-to-end solution transforms consumer waste into clean, dry, separated granulate and, ultimately, uniformly processed plastic pellets. Together a full line will prepare plastics to a vacuum-grade standard that will be immediately suitable for reuse.

Now, in partnership with Altero, Rotajet are looking forward to unlocking new opportunities and possibilities to existing customers and delivering and developing new projects and prospects to new customers.

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