MixRite 3.5 Hydraulic Dosing Pumps

Need accurate additive injection for your industrial processes? Tefen, a leading manufacturer of dosing pumps and flow products, delivers with the MixRite 3.5. This versatile, hydraulic dosing pump tackles a variety of industrial applications, ensuring precise and reliable chemical addition even at different flow rates.

tefen mixrite hydraulic dosing pump

Tefen MixRite 3.5 models are used to ensure precise additive injection under various flow rates. They are equipped with Viton seals & Hastelloy springs, which are compatible for use with Cl additives.

  • Unmatched Accuracy: Thanks to its hydraulic design and volumetric operation, the MixRite 3.5 eliminates electrical dependency and delivers excellent dosing repeatability and homogeneity.
  • Chlorine Compatibility: Say goodbye to compatibility worries. The MixRite 3.5 boasts Viton seals and Hastelloy springs, making it perfect for handling chlorine-based additives.
  • Wide Flow Range: No matter your flow rate needs, the MixRite 3.5 can handle it. Its flexible design delivers precise injection across a broad range of flow rates.
  • Ease of Use: Installation, operation, and maintenance are all a breeze with the MixRite 3.5. Its user-friendly design keeps your focus on production, not pump adjustments.
  • Industrial Powerhouse: From chemical processing to water treatment, the MixRite 3.5 tackles various industrial tasks with robust construction and reliable performance.

Common applications for the MixRite dosing pump:

Chemical Injection

dosing pumps Water treatment

Water Treatment

Food and beverage processing dosing pumps

Food and beverage processing

Pharmaceutical chemical dosing

Pharmaceutical manufacturing

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